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Monday, 20 July 2009

Thank You!

After my last blog entry– “Love and Appreciate”, I was thinking.... Why just say Thank You and have it be forgotten a few weeks later when you can make those two words be memorable!?

For a long time I’ve wanted to say Thank You with a difference, to surprise friends slash relatives, those who are long lost and newly found....

Surprise? You ask.
How? Well By doing something for them as either (eether) a “thank you” or “I remember you”
Why? Why not? Because people – in the past or near present- either (eether) did something for me, somehow the they managed to walk into my life and teach me, guide me, help me, or something of the sort.
I want to say “thank you” in a way that they will remember, I don’t just want to say it – because in a way that can be kinda forgotten. And I always say it and feel as though it can easily slip the mind. This time I want to make those two words memorable.
I want to be able to leave a tiny footprint on their hearts like they did to mine. I want to bring a smile to the faces that braught a smile to mine on my darkest days, I also would like to let them know that I appreciate them – and what they may have taught me, helped me with or guided me with is appreciated and that little lesson has played a little part in who I am today...

I want a lot in life - but what I want to do from now on is:
I want to be able to make a difference.
I want to say “Thank You” with a difference.
I want to make those who made me smile, smile today or tomorrow or whenever,
I want to surprise them, let them know that even though it may be years and years later= that I'm grateful today!
I want to say thank you, make you smile, and let you know that you’re an angel because you’ve left a footprint on my heart.

So this is part of my Thank You - to you who helped me when I didn't think I needed the help, smiled at me and made my day, randomly shouted "Hello Beautiful" when I got lost one day, showed me a card trick at Covent Garden tube station, guided me, advised me in a "confusing situation" or just for being who you are.... Thank You :)

I think that at some stage in our lives we should all make an effort to say "Thank You" with a difference....

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Love and Appreciate

“Love life, love those who love you and be appreciative. Do not take anything for granted and whatever you may be going through – someone else is going through worse”

After reading this quote, it was as though everything stopped and in this moment I realised that “yes this makes sense, a whole load of sense but I’m not this, why am I not this?”
I realised that there are most times in my life that I never say "Thank You" for the things I should have been thankful for. That there are things that I don’t appreciate.
After thinking about it for a while (I'm a thinker – that’s what I do - believe me I thought about it) I decided that I should not only change my ways but I should open my eyes to things I never saw before.

I then asked myself:
Do I love Life? – Oh YES!
Do I love those who love me? – A hesitant - Hmm Yeah.
Am I appreciative? - Sometimes : )

“Sometimes?” Come on? Sometimes?
3 questions and 3 slightly different answers
My conclusion: I need to change!

So from now on I'm going to be appreciative!
Well I’ll try and be appreciative!

So to those out there somewhere – browsing, surfing or just reading my blog :) just try and .....

“Love life, love those who love you and be appreciative. Do not take anything for granted and whatever you may be going through – someone else is going through worse”

Because hey life’s too short! Right?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

...........Coz' it does

I stumbled upon a website
and this is what I found
When I read what it said
I thought a little, hmm maybe a lot!
And then, was the time, i realised
just a bit...
that :
I cant complain really
simply because the answer

*refer to image for answer :D


Saturday, 4 July 2009


I found it on the coolest website ever ....

So where would you go?

I had to think about mine.... and guess what?

I'm still thinking?


Thursday, 2 July 2009


You know when you read a book, you usually read it from beginning to the end, from the first page to the last, from the first chapter to the very last chapter, from the prologue to the epilogue (*says to herself: "Okay I think they get the point")

What I'm tryna say is that the many people that may read books, read the exact same words and understand the story being told, they might feel the writers emotion through the words being read. But in some cases the way you interpret the book may be completely different to me.

We may have learned the same lessons from the book but we could look at that lesson from a different angle. For instance I may apply these "lessons" to my life differently to the way you would. And this has nothing to do with being clever or unclever or who's got the highest IQ. Its just that each of us are different and in that we look and see understand and conclude things differently...

The quotes you take could be different to the ones I extract. And the way you use it may be different to the way I use it.

My point is, yes we may have all read the same book but what we've learned and taken away, may be slightly different. You see if we all had the same effect once we read a book then there'd be no point in reading them.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

People, Reasons, Life

Like Eleanor Roosevelt said "Some people come into our lives and quickly go, while others stay awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same"

I think it's true!

And it is, I mean hey think of all the times you’ve met someone new, you have a conversation about stuff (which could range from the smile you’re wearing, the stuff you do, what you like, what you don’t or how you know the person that introduced you). From this conversation you’ll probably laugh, or be confused by the metaphors they use or sarcastic remarks… (“that is sooooo not me”) but when you walk away, you go home you would have learned something new from that person, you might not really see them again. You might just bump into them on your street or maybe even at another party. Who knows. The point is they would have left a footprint on your heart – small or big because of something they said, because of something inspiring they believe in or just because of the way they may have made you feel.

I can say that in my little life I’ve met a couple of cool people, they may have come into my life to teach me something, maybe because I was destined to learn from them. Maybe it was the opposite way round… Some came in to my life and walked right out, some betrayed me but I forgave, some came init to stay in it… But the thing is no matter what the reason is, they’ve left a footprint, they’ve taught me a lesson, they may have even taught me something new about life.

Just imagine how many people’s lives you’ve touched. How many footprints you’ve left behind? Maybe you did this all without even noticing. Maybe you had no idea that what you said would make a difference to anyone.

I'm grateful for those people who've either walked in and left something there, or walked in to just walk out again, because no matter what it is I know that theres a reason for it all and I'm happy our paths crossed somehow. :)

“With every life experience there is either something we're adding to it or taking from it. Appreciating every moment is the beauty in all of it.”

Maybe we should all appreciate the beauty of life. I mean after all we do only live once…Maybe we should just do what TJ says and “Take it one day at a time”

This brings me to another quote “Everything happens for a reason”

I think this is true too…

Good or bad things may happen but there’s always a reason behind it (- the incident, the situation or whatever it is that happens), its kinda tricky coz I’ve learned that at the time when we say “WHY ME?” we might not know why they’re happening but I believe that one day we’ll know exactly why they’ve happened!

See life is funny like that! Probably just a bit annoying but things are like that because they teach us lessons. No matter how silly or dumb the reason may be, its still a reason and sometime in your life you’ll realise why and you’ll be able to put the pieces together!

Overall I guess I’ve kinda learned a lot in this little life of mine. Well not a lot but a few useful things.

So the next time you meet someone new, appreciate the moment. (only if they’re not dodgy)


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Someone Else

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were in another person’s shoes? Imagine being a different person for a whole day.

Giving up your everyday role to be someone completely different, to see things in a different way and do the things they do for a whole day? Bet you’re thinking about someone with more money than you can imagine someone with endless amounts of clothes, cars, houses, shoes, and all the luxuries in the world.

How about putting yourself in the shoes of a soldier, a beggar, a child being ill treated, a teen in the middle of Africa working in the field's every day to keep their family of 7 alive and away from disease, a innocent accused of being guilty, a lottery winner who’s just lost their winnings, a qualified professional driver who took the wrong turn, a middle aged individual who’s about to lose their family, someone other than you, someone who’s lead a different life to the one you’ve lead....

Someone who's not you.

Just think "what if" you weren’t you for a day?

What If?

Friday, 26 June 2009

Need to Laugh?

Sarcasm Eh?

You have got to laugh at it... Just a warning this is soooo not me!

A Smile

Ever smile when someone smiles at you? Ever smile when someone says something nice to/about you? How about when you remember what someone did for you? Or when you bump into an old/ new friend? (One that you know, one that you knew) Maybe when you read something and it reminds of something/someone special in your life? Say you come across a picture / photo and it brings back memories? How about if you meet someone new? Learn something new? See something that just makes you smile? -Like this for instance (insert link) Ever feel like you wanna smile more when someone says “I like your smile” “You make me smile” or “Your smile makes me smile” :)

Yes okay.... I’ll stop with the smiley questions. Thing is it’s amazing how a smile travels, what it can do (to yourself and to other people) and how it can make a difference. I mean yeah it’s just a smile. But think about it. A smile can travel further than we think, moving from one person to another and probably has an endless journey. When you smile someone somewhere is smiling because of your smile, or someone is smiling at the exact same moment as you because of the same reason as you.

So the next time you smile just think of how – positive- your smile is, how many other people are smiling because they’ve seen you smile or how many other people in the world (or out in space) are smiling because of you, because of something or just smiling for the sake of smiling. : ) (or you could just take the easy option and just smile without thinking- gosh I always have to make things so complex and detailed)

All this smile talk has got me smiling now. :)

It’s a Blog

For a long time I’ve thought about writing a blog, you know starting something new being able to write something and not have it get dusty because it’s in a notebook on a shelf or under my bed or forgotten about. Thing is I was never really sure of what I’d write about. Well I’m a thinker (and boy oh boy do I think a lot) let’s just say I can’t think about it anymore instead I’m going to put my thoughts into action (which is something I rarely do – guess it’s time for a change) and blog ‘em out. This is part* of the new me... I’m a blogger – (kinda like reading them too)

So welcome to my very first online blog, at times it may be full of energy with constant entries (random and strangely “deep”) at times confusing or just plain ol’ sarcastic (that’s one of my dear qualities :D – hmm was that sarcastic? hmmm naaah!) but then again some may be interesting or just plain purposeless. I don’t really know. Guess you gotta read them to find out. : )

*Many changes have been made many are due to be made- you gotta love change